Welcome one and all! This site was started many many long years ago, and I am finally looking to update it. Here, I hope you will find a collection of some :^) useful and informative links and articles on Haiku Form, Definition, Sites and Journals. There are also links to Haiku by the Masters as well as modern-day Haiku poets. Haiku is a style of poetry that originated in Japan, and it is a particular weakness of mine! Related cousins are the Haibun, Tanka and Renga, hence links and articles on these related forms are included.

A section on the Ghazal is also included. Ghazal, (pronounced ‘ghuzzle’) is an old poetic form that has its roots in Arabia and Persia, and which is currently enjoying a revival in India and world-wide in its lyrical form, and in the West, in English. More on this soon.

I also have links to Sijo (a Korean poetry form) sites. Feel free to send me your thoughts, and ideas. They would be welcome! See the contact link at the top of the page.